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Ramath Orah in the News

"Changing the Face of Community Shuls" by The Jewish Press. This article details the $50,000 grant Congregation Ramath Orah received from the Sacred Sites Program. 

"Living in Morningside Heights" by the New York Times. Quoting President Jane Blumenstein about living in the Morningside Heights neighborhood, and the positive developments in the area over the last several decades. 

"Hard Times for the Upper West Side’s Venerable Judaica Store",  quoting Rabbi Grussgott on the importance of supporting the local Judaica store

NEIGHBORHOOD REPORT: HARLEM/MORNINGSIDE HEIGHTS; New Generation Affirms the Life Of a Synagogue, New York Times Article from 1998 on Congregation Ramath Orah's revival

World of Their Fathers, by Eve Baruch, New York Times article, the author's reflection on her grandparent's New York, mentioning Congregation Ramath Orah

Ali G. Appears at Ramath Orah (NYC) for Rosh Hashana Davening, celebrity citing in 2006

Fri, 28 April 2017 2 Iyyar 5777