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Welcome to Ramath Orah

Welcome to Congregation Ramath Orah, a vibrant Modern Orthodox synagogue in Manhattan's Upper West Side. Our historic buildinglocated several blocks from Columbia University, is home to a diverse and inclusive community, spirited prayer, engaging guest speakers, insightful study groups, and lively social gatherings. We are always excited to welcome newcomers, and to answer questions or help in any way to enhance your experience with us. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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CRO Schedule November 19 -30

Thursday, 11/19
7:00 am Indoor Shacharit (with registration only)
8:30 pm - Daf Yomi discussion group 
8:45 pm - Eruvin Lecture Series with Rabbi Saul Berman

Friday 11/20
*7:00 am Indoor Shacharit (with registration only)
4:15 pm Candle Lighting             *4:20 pm Indoor Kabbalat Shabbat

Shabbat 11/21
*9:00 am Indoor Shacharit  *9:00am Outdoor Shacharit      9:16 am Latest Time Shema (Gra)
After 12:06 PM Mincha          *4:10 pm - Indoor Mincha, followed by a Siyyum for Mashechet Eruvin with Rabbi Aviad Bodner.
5:17 Havdallah

Sunday, 11/22
*8:00 am Indoor Shacharit 
8:30 pm  Virtual Siyyum of Mashechet Eruvin (Daf Yomi)

Monday 11/23
7:00 am Indoor Shacharit (with registration only)
8:30 pm - Parasha class with Rabbi Aviad Bodner ( online )

Tuesday, 11/24
7:00 am Indoor Shacharit

Wednesday, 11/25
7:00 am Indoor Shacharit
Thursday, 11/26, Thanksgiving
8:00 am Indoor Shacharit

Friday 11/27
*7:00 am Indoor Shacharit
4:11 pm Candle Lighting             *4:15 pm Indoor Kabbalat Shabbat

Shabbat 11/28
*9:00 am Indoor Shacharit  *9:00am Outdoor Shacharit      9:21 am Latest Time Shema (Gra)
After 12:08 PM Mincha          *4:05 pm - Indoor Mincha, followed by a parasha class with Rabbi Aviad Bodner.
5:15 Havdallah

Sunday, 11/29
*8:00 am Indoor Shacharit 

Monday 11/30
7:00 am Indoor Shacharit (with registration only)
8:30 pm - Parasha class with Rabbi Aviad Bodner ( online )


Information is subject to change 

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  • Wednesday ,
    DecDecember  2 , 2020
    Remembering Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Conversation With Two of Her Law Clerks
    Wednesday, Dec 2nd 8:30p to 9:30p
    With the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, we have lost one of our greatest legal minds. As a pathbreaking advocate for women's rights and as a judge for forty years, including twenty-seven years on the Supreme Court, she had a profound influence on the law and on the nation. What was she like as a person? What role did Judaism play in RBG's life and thought? What was it like to work for her? How did she feel about becoming a pop-culture icon? How will she be remembered? To explore these questions and more, Esther Fuchs will moderate a conversation with two of RBG's former law clerks, Aaron Saiger and David Schizer.


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