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Welcome to Ramath Orah

Welcome to Congregation Ramath Orah, a vibrant Modern Orthodox synagogue in Manhattan's Upper West Side. Our historic buildinglocated several blocks from Columbia University, is home to a diverse and inclusive community, spirited prayer, engaging guest speakers, insightful study groups, and lively social gatherings. We are always excited to welcome newcomers, and to answer questions or help in any way to enhance your experience with us. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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CRO Schedule Dec 3-9

Friday, 12/3, Erev Rosh Chodesh Tevet, Sixth night of Chanukah
7:00 am  Shacharit
4:10 pm  Candle Lighting
4:15 pm  Mincha, Kabalat Shabbat, 
5:30 pm  Communal Shabbat Chanukah dinner  
Shabbat, 12/4, Rosh Chodesh Tevet, Seventh night of Chanukah
9:00 am  Shacharit
10:15 am  Children's programs: 
     Ages 0-5 meet downstairs
     CRO Youth Dreidel                       Tournament for ages 5-11!
     Happening for both our 5-8           and 8-11 year olds groups.             ** Suprise grand prize! **
3:55 pm  Mincha followed by
     Seudah Shlishit
5:04 pm  Maariv
5:09 pm  Musical Havdalah & 
     Menorah Lighting!


Sunday, 12/5, Rosh Chodesh Tevet, Eighth night of Chanukah 
8:00 am  Shacharit

Monday, 12/6
7:00 am  Shacharit 
8:00 pm  Class with Rabbi Bodner:  Legend & History: Honi the Circle Maker (see below)

Tuesday, 12/7
7:00 am  Shacharit 

Wednesday, 12/8
7:00 am   Shacharit

Thursday, 12/9
7:00 am   Shacharit
8:30 pm   Daf Yomi Discussion Group

Upcoming Events


All Events
  • Friday ,
    DecDecember  10 , 2021
    Shabbat Mishpacha
    Friday, Dec 10th 4:30p to 6:20p
    Shabbat Mishpacha


  • Saturday ,
    DecDecember  11 , 2021
    Groups Raffle Dec 2021
    Shabbat, Dec 11th (All day)
    Raffles for the children in the Middle Group & Jr. Congregation. Write your name on your tickets and bring them to groups! Different prizes for Middle Group & Jr Congregation.


  • Saturday ,
    DecDecember  11 , 2021
    FLiP - Family Learning Program
    Shabbat, Dec 11th 11:30a to 1:00p
    Ramath Orah's Family Learning Program, Saturdays after kiddush, for children that are elementary school age (1st-5th), and their parents A light, socially distanced lunch will be served. RSVP required. Sponsorship opportunities available.


  • Saturday ,
    DecDecember  11 , 2021
    Reel Encounters
    Motzei Shabbat, Dec 11th 8:00p to 10:00p
    Ramath Orah film series “Reel Encounters”. Winter 2021-2022 Series starts on December 11 @ 8 pm with “Incitement” (2019), a haunting profile of Yigal Amir in the year leading up to his assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. 123 minutes; Hebrew with English subtitles.


  • Monday ,
    DecDecember  13 , 2021
    Second Temple Rabbis: Contextualizing our Tradition
    Monday, Dec 13th 8:00p to 9:00p
    In this series we will learn about the lives of Talmudic rabbis who shaped Jewish tradition as we know it today. We will focus on the Second Temple period, primarily from the conquest of Alexander the Great (332 B.C.E) through the Bar Kokhba revolt (135 C.E.) We will learn about the history and the context of the teachings of the rabbis of the Mishnah, with a focus on how they adapted Jewish practices to the changing times. We will examine and study Talmudic texts as well as other historical materials that can shed light on the subject such as the works of Josephus Flavius and the Apocrypha.


  • Saturday ,
    DecDecember  18 , 2021
    Women's Tefillah
    Shabbat, Dec 18th 9:50a to 11:15a
    Women's Tefillah


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