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Welcome to Ramath Orah

Welcome to Congregation Ramath Orah, a vibrant Modern Orthodox synagogue in Manhattan's Upper West Side. Our historic buildinglocated several blocks from Columbia University, is home to a diverse and inclusive community, spirited prayer, engaging guest speakers, insightful study groups, and lively social gatherings. We are always excited to welcome newcomers, and to answer questions or help in any way to enhance your experience with us. We look forward to seeing you soon. 

     5783-2022 High Holidays at Ramath Orah


We look forward to you joining us during the High Holiday season. Click below for details about tickets/seats, the yizkor book and being a part of our High Holiday programming.  We ask you to consider the importance of Ramath Orah to you. Every year, purchase of High Holiday seats and the Kol Nidre appeal make up about 20% of our operating budget. This pays for the shul's utilities, salaries, programming, and the many other costs associated with operating Ramath Orah. Contributions to the Kol Nidre appeal may be made when purchasing seats or at Kol Nidre itself. 

Register for High Holiday Seats at CRO

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High Holiday Schedule 5783 / 2022

2022 Membership—Renew or Join Today!

Our membership year runs from January 2022–December 2022.

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Come to our events!

To join all community zoom events, click here. A password was sent by email to shul members. If you are interested in joining one of our events and do not have a password, email us at

CRO Schedule September 23-29.

Friday, 9/23
7:00 am Shacharit
6:33 pm Candle Lighting 
6:40 pm Mincha/Kabbalat

Shabbat, 9/24
9:00 am  Shacharit
10:15 am Children's programs:
     Jr. Cong. will meet upstairs.
     Ages 0-5, 5-8 will meet downstairs.
6:25 pm Mincha followed by Seudah
7:25 pm Maariv
7:33 pm Havdalah

Sunday, 9/25, Erev Rosh Hashanah
8:00 am Selichot & Shacharit 
6:30  pm Candle Lighting
6:35 pm Mincha / Maariv

Monday, 9/26, Rosh Hashanah
8:30 am  Shacharit
10:30 am Sermon/Shofar & Musaf
6:20  pm Mincha
7:15 pm Maariv
after 7:27 pm, Candle Lighting

Our Rosh Hashanah Youth programming schedule is below.

Tuesday, 9/27, Rosh Hashanah
8:30 am Shacharit
10:30 am Sermon/Shofar & Musaf
1:15  pm Community Lunch
6:25  pm Mincha
7:15 pm Maariv
after 7:25 pm, Candle Lighting

Wednesday, 9/28, Tzom Gedalyiah
5:28 Fast Starts
7:00 am Selichot & Shacharit
6:15 pm Mincha
6:45 pm Maariv
7:16 pm Fast Ends

Thursday, 9/29
7:00 am Shacharit
7:30 pm Rabbi Bodner's class 
    Why did Jonah run? Exploring 
    the Yom Kippur Reading (details 
    (details below)
8:30 pm Daf Yomi Discussion               Group

Hold the date-Sukkah building:
Sunday October 9 (Erev Sukkot)

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Tue, September 27 2022 2 Tishrei 5783