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Kiddush ** Note: New rates in effect June 1.

Commemorate your next special occasion or honor someone by sponsoring a kiddush following Shabbat morning davening.

To sponsor a Kiddush or contribute to the Kiddush Fund, please contact the office.

Click here to learn more about other food sponsorship opportunities.

Standard Kiddush ($430)
Homemade Cholent 
Assorted Cakes/Cookies 
Fresh Fruit (cut up or prepared in the kitchen)
Kiddush Wine/Grape Juice 

Deluxe Kiddush ($700)
Standard Kiddush PLUS
4 Kugels
Dips/Crackers (prepared in the kitchen)

Premium Kiddush ($850)
Deluxe Kiddush PLUS
Gefilte Fish and Herring Platters
Catered Dip platter (in place of dip platter prepared in kitchen)
Catered Fruit Platter (in place of fruit platter prepared in kitchen)

Custom Kiddush ($190 base fee +)
Custom Kiddushes must be pre-approved by CRO. In all cases, enough food should be ordered for a minimum of 120 people (plus guests if it is a custom Kiddush). All kiddush sponsorships, even those catered with outside food, must pay a $180 base fee to cover overhead expenses (such as custodial fees, paper goods and other disposables). If you are interested in sponsoring a custom kiddush, please contact  the office.

CRO will work with you to include extra foods to enhance your sponsored kiddush.  Please notify the office two weeks in advance with what additional foods you want.  For example, we can order a special cake from our standard suppliers.  

Policy on multiple sponsors

When two or more individuals sponsor kiddush for the same occasion, they may divide the cost between them as co-sponsors. When two or more individuals each wish to sponsor kiddush for unrelated occasions, CRO policy is that each sponsor is asked to pay the full cost of kiddush minus a 10% sharing discount. The quality of kiddush that will actually be served will be matched approximately to the cumulative amount of the kiddush sponsorship level (e.g., if there are two sponsors at the standard level, a deluxe quality kiddush will be served.)

Ramath Orah strives to create a community based on achdut (unity) and inclusiveness. As such, we encourage sharing simchas and celebrations by permitting multiple sponsors for all kiddushes. With the exception of bar and bat mitzvahs, all kiddushes may be sponsored by multiple parties. We look forward to celebrating with you.

To sponsor a kiddush please contact the office.

Additional Food Sponsorship Opportunities

Seudah Shlishit
Sponsor a basic Seudah Shlishit for $150, or you may self-cater seudah shlishit for a sponsorship fee of $50.

Kids' Kiddush
Sponsor Kiddush for the Shabbat Children's group. Sponsorship includes a deluxe snack for the children as well as a book or gift donation to the children's programming.

FLiP Sponsorship
Sponsor kid-friendly snacks for the monthly FLiP learning program Sponsorships start at $18. Speak to the office for custom sponsorships.  

Wed, May 31 2023 11 Sivan 5783