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Class Recordings

Listen to recordings of Rabbi Zolty's Classes:

Rereading Esther in the Aftermath of Oct 7th

Part 1-Are We Celebrating Genocide? Making Sense of Chapter 9

video link:



Part 2- Achashveirosh and the Jewish Massacre: Untangling Complicity from Apathy

video link:



Part 3- Esther's Legacy: Reevaluating Diaspora Jewry

video link:



Talmud Berachot Classes:

12/3- Reading Shema Introduction- Talmud Torah or Kabalat Malchut Shamayim



12/10- Reading Shema in Vernacular



12/17- Reading Shema and Other Tefillot in Vernacular Part 2



12/25- Difference Between Shema and Other Mitzvot



1/7- Kavana in Shema




1/14- Kavana in Shema vs. Other Mitzvot



1/21- Kavana in Shema Part 3- Which Paragraph?



1/28- Baruch Shem Kavod Malchuto Le'olam Va'ed



2/12- Hallel on Rosh Chodesh



2/19- Beracha on Minhagim



3/3- Fasting and Beracha for Tasting Food




Thanksgiving Class: Appreciating the Korban Todah



A full list of Rabbi Zolty's classes can be found here

Sun, May 19 2024 11 Iyyar 5784