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Congregation Ramath Orah means a lot of things to its members. It’s a place of worship. A place of study. A place to see your friends. And a place to make new ones. The Upper West Side’s best kept secret. 

For each of us, Ramath Orah has become a home. A place where we have not only met new friends, but made new family.

Hear what Members have to Say

At Ramath Orah the religious observance and learning of every congregant and guest is valued and respected. I love the fact that Torah, mitzvot and its discourse, belongs to every Jew here. 
~ Y.Y.

Ramath Orah manages the rare feat of combining an open and progressive hashkafah (outlook) with a high level of Torah learning and commitment to halachah (Jewish Law).
~ J.R.

Thanks to the Rabbis and the thoughtful congregants, Bikur cholim (visiting the sick) has become important in our community. I enjoy the visitors’ company on Shabbat. 
~ R.L.

When I look around, I am not the only non-white face in the room. People are kind, intelligent, and worldly, and all these are highly-esteemed values in the community. 

Fri, July 12 2024 6 Tammuz 5784