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Memorial Fund Donation

As part of Ramath Orah's involvement in Nichum Aveilim (comforting mourners), when a member loses a loved one, the shul will offer to provide a meal for the mourners on behalf of the congregation during the period of shiva. We will coordinate with any other organizers of meals to best meet the needs of the mourners.  In some cases mourners do not want or require meals and the funds will go towards the Chesed or Nichum Aveilim Fund.  We will indicate in the email to the congregation whether a meal is being provided.

If you would like to contribute, please fill out the form below. All donations will be acknowledged to the mourners.

The suggested donation for meals is $25, but all contributions are welcome.

If CRO is not providing a meal or there are any additional funds, they will be designated for the Nichum Aveilim Fund and/or the Chesed Fund.  The mourners will be notified of any donations towards meals or the Chesed/N.A. Fund.


Donation towards Shiva Meal

Donation to Ramath Orah in honor of the Mourner(s)/the deceased

If you would like to make an additional donation to Ramath Orah in memory of the the deceased it will also be acknowledged to the mourners.

Credit Card Convenience Fee: We request that you consider adding an additional amount to your payment to cover our credit card processing fee. You will have an opportunity to do this before submitting your payment.

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