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Covid Attendance Guidelines

When to stay home
If in the past 14 days:
-You or someone you have been in contact with has tested positive for COVID-19
-You have visited a NYS restricted area
-You have experienced any of the symptoms of COVID-19 including but not limited to fever or chills, headache, cough, loss of taste/smell, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, sore throat, congestion/runny nose, fatigue, muscle or body aches, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea.

-If you or someone you live with are at increased risk due to age or underlying medical conditions, please consult with your physician prior to attending
-If you develop any symptoms after attending, you must notify Rabbi Bodner immediately.

Before Attending
-You must pre-register and receive confirmation prior to attending.
-Masks are required to enter the building, and to be worn properly, covering the mouth and nose, at all times by all people including children, with no exceptions.  No valved masks are permitted
-Only children who can and will sit next to their parent the entire time may attend. Children are not allowed alone in any parts of the building.
-All attendees must obey social distancing rules, maintaining a minimum of 6 feet between themselves and others
-Please bring your own tallit.  If you do not have one, please speak to Rabbi Bodner.  We are now permitting the use of Siddurim and Chumashim from our shelves, though you may want to bring your own from home. 
-Please use the restroom at home before coming to shul, restroom use will be limited for urgent use. 
-We will have hand sanitizer available but encourage you to bring your own to use for added safety.
-Please know that you will not be permitted to attend if you do not adhere to all of these listed rules.

Entering and Exiting the Building
-Please arrive on time to allow for the admittance procedure.
-We may have your name checked on the list and  be asked to answer questions about your health, or to adjust your mask before entry.
-Please use hand sanitizer when entering the building, dispensers will be available for your use. 
-Please bring your belongings, including coats and bags, to your seat with you and remember to take them with you when you leave.
-Please be mindful of those around you, particularly when moving through the space. You'll be expected to maintain a minimum of 6 feet of distance between you and all others at all times (excluding those with whom you live).
-After davening is over, please leave in an orderly manner as instructed.  Please disperse immediately without lingering or socializing.

Seating and Use of the Sanctuary and Other Spaces
-Seats are marked that are permissible to use.  Only those in the same household may sit together.
-Once you're in your seat, please do not move around the sanctuary or stand in the aisle.  
-The restroom is reserved for urgent use.  The restrooms will be single-occupancy. Lock the door when you are using it.  If others are using it, please wait outside the restroom until they exit.
-We ask that no one enter the social hall or any of the other rooms on the lower level other than the restrooms.  Children are not allowed downstairs by themselves.

Synagogue Ritual Practices
-Please follow all instructions of the Gabbai or Rabbi Bodner

All of the above rules must be followed by all attendees.

Fri, June 18 2021 8 Tammuz 5781