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About Rabbi Aviad Bodner


Rabbi Aviad Bodner brings experience, sensitivity, a wealth of knowledge and just the right mix of humor and gravitas to everything he does for Ramath Orah.

Rabbi Aviad Bodner joined Ramath Orah as Senior Rabbi in September 2019. He had served as the rabbi of the Stanton Street Shul in Manhattan’s Lower East Side since 2014. With his leadership and that of his wife Lindsey, the historic congregation grew from 30 members to over 110, and Stanton became a thriving center for Modern Orthodox Jewish life downtown.

Rabbi Bodner received his smicha from the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, while completing his LLB in law at Bar Ilan University. He worked as a corporate attorney at one of Tel Aviv’s top firms before moving to New York. Rabbi Bodner served as a combat fighter in the IDF’s armored corps during the Second Lebanon War. Having grown up in Israel, Rabbi Bodner learned in various yeshivot including Yeshivat Hesder at Netivot and the Jesselson Institute for Advanced Torah Studies at Bar Ilan. In 2016, he received a second smicha for Rabbinic Professionals at YCT. Rabbi Bodner is a frequent scholar in residence at the Eldridge Street Museum and a JOFA certified chatan teacher. He also serves as the Mashgiach Ruchani of the Ramaz Upper School in Manhattan and teaches in the Tanakh, Talmud, and Jewish Law and Thought departments.   

Thu, March 30 2023 8 Nisan 5783